Collaboration with Police Scotland Award

Whilst traditional crime statistics fall, the challenge to address and tackle new cyber-crimes, the increasing compendium of cyber-enabled crime and internet-facilitated crime reaches new heights daily.

No other area of Policing requires greater external partnership collaboration in keeping our public and businesses safe to grow and prosper than the arena of cyber-crime – from hacking to cyberstalking, child sexual abuse to human trafficking, critical national infrastructure attacks to online theft and cyber-terrorism.

Are you that key external partner, that security business, that national organisation, that academic institute of learning or organisation that has collaborated, assisted, innovated and supported Police Scotland in tackling cyber-crime in investigation, training or prevention?

Are you that integral partner that has enhanced our understanding and response to cyber threats and internet-enabled crime to deliver our focus, values and purpose in keeping Scotland’s communities safe?

The award will recognise that partner to Police Scotland who has fundamentally assisted to reduce the impact of crime in the virtual world in Scotland in that victim-centred and preventative approach.


  • This organisation shall be UK based
  • A significant footprint in Scotland
  • The organisation must offer products or services that relate to Cyber Security.

Collaboration With Police Scotland 2018 Winner is: ID Cyber Solutions


  • Trend Micro

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