Cyber Evangelist of the Year

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A KPMG study in 2016 reported that Scotland’s small businesses were both ‘Unconcerned and Unprepared’ to face the cyber threat. A later study by Dr Karen Renaud, Glasgow University later suggested that small businesses were indeed concerned but were confused where to get the right cyber security advice and importantly who’s advice to trust as the landscape is as confusing as the advice. Both studies reflect the fact that when dealing with a threat that cannot be seen, touched or heard there is an issue with getting to grips with this unworldly threat. Traditional messaging does not seem to be hitting the mark.

This award recognises that one of the core requirements to achieve a cyber resilient nation is by touching its citizens with the right message delivered in a meaningful way and will recognise the individual or organisation that has found an effective way of engaging its staff with the cyber security message thus empowering them to be more aware and better prepared to face and deal with this threat in context.


Individual or organisation must be based in Scotland


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